Renting VS Buying!

Is Buying Always Better Than Renting? Read Below!

No Money!

A quality food truck can easily cost you $65,000 to $125,000.  This is money that you just may not have. Renting a food truck can get you started now without having to invest large amounts of money!


Loans Are Expensive!

Banks are a little hesitant to lend for food trucks but most food truck builders have a finance company but be ready for rates of 15% to 20% which can easily turn your $65,000 food truck into a $90,000 total loan. 


Better Places for Your Money

Even if you have saved $65,000 to build a new food truck, is that where you want to put all that saved money? School payments, future medical bills, home renovations, other loans, new car...there are better places to use your money. Renting a food truck keeps that hard earned money in your pocket while allowing you to start your business today. 


Test the Market and Your Business Idea

$65,000 is a lot of money to invest if you are just starting out in the food truck world. Renting allows you to test the market until you are comfortable enough to buy your own food truck.


Focus On Your Product, Not On The Maintenance

Everyone knows that no matter the food truck, whether rented or your own, will have mechanical problems.  These repairs can be costly and unexpected. Our rentals come with full mechanical service and repair plans to keep you on the road and making money.


Save Money While You Make Money

Still have the vision of owning your own food truck? Renting can make that happen! The profits you make while renting can roll into your own business and all while allowing you to start selling now. 


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