Renting FAQ

Where do I get more information on rates and terms?

Easy, fill out this quick form and rental rates and info will be sent to your email

Do You Sell, Finance Or Rent-To-Own Your Food Trucks?

No, we only rent food trucks.


Why should I rent? Isn't buying always the best?

Sometimes it makes sense to purchase, sometimes renting is better.  It all depends on your business model. Click here for some thoughts on this.


What Is the Min Rental Period?

We do a minimum of 12-month contracts. Shorter contracts are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and come with higher rental rates.

Will The Food Truck Pass Inspections?

The food trucks are designed and built to pass local Houston area inspections.  

Can You Help With Permits?

We provide guidance on local permits and are here to answer any of your questions with respect to the food trucks and permits.


Do You Offer Any Discounts on your monthly rate?

Our prices are firm but we do provide a 10% discount if you pay 6 months in advance


Can I Apply A Graphic Wrap To The Food Truck?

Yes, you can wrap the units with your own logo and brand.

Do You Do Background Checks?

We will do a vehicle history and criminal background check. We won't do any credit checks.

Do You Rent Outside Houston?

At this time we do not rent outside of Houston although expansion plans are in the works.