Steps to Renting a Food Truck

See below for an example of some standard steps towards your food truck lease

1.) Decide on your menu and pricing

2.) Research county food truck permit requirements

3.) Scout out a location and/or route. Depending on your county you may need to contact property owners for lease requirements and bathroom access. 

4.) Research commissaries that are close to your location/routes, asking for prices and services available. Almost all counties require that you visit a commissary daily to drop off grey water and garbage.

5.) Make a business plan and submit to Texas Food Truck Rentals.  Include any special county requirements and how you will meet those requirements. 

6.) Make an appointment to view food truck

7.) Pay $500 deposit and sign the contract.  The $500 holds the unit for 2 weeks while you gather your paper work and get ready for permits. This $500 goes towards your first months rent.

8.) Obtain county requirements: business registration, tax number, food handling certifications etc

9.) Take unit together for inspection and permits.  If the county health or fire department find anything deficient we will make a plan to get it upgraded/fixed and reschedule a time for the re-inspection.  

10.) Receive operating permits and collect damage deposit. 

11.) Your food truck is now ready for business