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Food Truck Marketing - IRL

This is the getting your boots dirty type of marketing. This is face-to-face, phone calls, posting ads on bulletin boards (like real bulletin boards, with paper you have printed and attaching with thumb tacks you found at the back of your junk drawer), shaking hands etc etc etc AND etc.

This is the tougher version of marketing because you may actually have to talk to people. Now, you like talking to people, like your customers, like your friends, family, but strangers! Whoa! What the heck is this? Ummm, stranger danger! Can I get a 1990's PSA whoop whoop!

Scary stuff!

Don't throw away this opportunity because lets face it, if you don't want to do it, your competition is not doing it, so that gives you a leg up already on marketing your business.

Case Point: Event there are super successful young, blogging, Instagram-genius event planners out there but the real successful ones, the ones that have been in business for the last 30 years can get you some serious referrals. And everyone knows that a good hip event nowadays has to have a food truck available! Try going to their place of business and give a 30 second chat about what you provide and that hand-shake will separate you from the many emails that flow into their inboxes unread.

Case Point: Jill and Rob, they just got assigned the companies newest employee motivator, the food truck lunch. Get to the front of their mind by giving them a phone call. Best of luck trying to get past a road-blocking receptionist but if you can get to the right people a warm, quick, fact filled phone call will go a long way to being booked at their next company event.

Although the good-old-fashioned door-to-door may not work in today's instant social media fulled business place there are those techniques, that if executed well enough can be a great source of future bookings for your new food truck business.

Oct 29, 2018

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